What if you could have a cooling system designed to save you money? With the BaywestAir unit, not only will you reduce your monthly energy bill, but you'll also help decrease the amount of carbon waste entering the environment.

Using a low energy Turbo Fan to blow cold, filtered outside air into the walk-in cooler, BaywestAir replaces the high-energy use of the condensing unit, making it a useful and cost-effective addition that offers long-term benefits to your business.

Is BaywestAir right for you? Do you live in a cold climate (-2 C Average Winter Temp) and use a walk-in cooler? Want to save on heating costs and help the environment?

At Baywest Industries, we believe success begins by building relationships. That's why we're committed to getting to know all our customers. Our dedicated team of members has made it our mission to listen to the needs of our clients, and then ensure those needs get met. Our goal is to provide the most innovative and cost-efficient equipment available, along with unparalleled professional and reliable service.

Let Baywest Industries help you make the best choice for your business so you can focus on the bigger picture, without worrying about equipment failure and cost. After all, that's what we're here for.

The BaywestAir Advantage

Saving you Money

Developed to offer affordable energy efficiency and rival the cost of operating a refrigeration compressor, the BaywestAir unit is the better option, with long term saving benefits. Due to location and cooler type, installation costs may vary, but the integration of the branded Turbo fans will reduce installation costs tremendously. Plus, the savings often pay for BaywestAir in less than four years of purchase.

BaywestAir guarantees your food will always remain fresh. Our innovative technology can save you money on energy costs, while reducing the amount of overall refrigeration maintenance. Compared to packaged refrigerator cooler compressors with an average life cycle of 10 years, BaywestAir's branded turbo fans provide an estimated 20-year life cycle. And with low maintenance and repair fees, and a five year warranty replacement on your BaywestAir system, you can feel good knowing we're taking care of all your equipment needs.

Saving the Environment

The BaywestAir system provides vital environmental benefits by reducing coal usage at locations using this type of power generation. By using the BaywestAir system, you'll be helping reduce these carbon emissions, and taking a step to protect our environment. You save money, while helping save the planet.

More Benefits

  • Healthy air circulation through branded Turbo fans
  • Safe and dependable cooling
  • Fresh Air Filter helps diminish dust and biological matter
  • Less moisture reduces contamination and bacteria
  • Pressurized cooler decreased unwanted heat entering in from door leaks
  • Professional & experienced service assistance

The BaywestAir System

The BaywestAir unit is a valuable addition that cools the area within a refrigerated walk-in cooler by injecting the cool ambient air whenever the outdoor temperature falls below the temperature settings selected. This is achieved by an automatic controller, which neutralizes the high energy storage cooling compressor. The low energy ambient air turbo blower is activated to pump clean, cool air into the walk-in cooler, making it an error-proof way of ensuring your cooling system is always working effectively.

Step 1

The outside air must be 2 degrees centigrade colder than the cooler setting point.

Step 2

The controller turns on the Turbo fan. A louver responds to the air pressure and opens once the fan is on.

Step 3

Cold, filtered, ambient air is pulled into the cooler.

Step 4

If the BaywestAir control detects that the ambient air is too warm, it will turn off the fan and return control to the refrigeration compressor. If the temperature hits the desired range, a local alarm is set and a warning notification is sent via email, even if the compressor is controlling the temperature.

A number of safety and controller features make the BaywestAir system an easy and convenient addition to your refrigeration cooler.

  • Multi-line Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) allows you to view the walk-in cooler and ambient temperatures.
  • Memory storage records temperatures in your cooler and outside.
  • LED Indicator Lights enable you to see if all indoor and outdoor temperatures are operating at the correct temperature range.
  • Temperature Alarm will go off whenever the cooler becomes too warm or cold.
  • Filter Change proactively turns on an alarm when a pressure difference is detected and airflow is insufficient.


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Boston Pizza ®

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter telling you about our experience with Baywest Industries Inc. and how it related to our store operations. After sitting and meeting with Baywest President David Gibson we were looking forward to having this unit installed for our walk in cooler unit. The installation was seamless with no interruption to our normal daily routine. Baywest Air worked closely with my refrigeration team to ensure all sides were educated and that the install would go smoothly which it did.

We have now had the unit for a year and have noticed the following differences:

  1. Cost saving on our utility bill.
  2. Increasing the life span of current equipment
  3. The security of the unit ALWAYS being monitored

We love the fact of saving money and also increasing the life on our compressor in the walk-in unit as now for many weeks and potentially months we are using the fresh outside air to cool our product. Also the security in having the unit be monitored for temperature changes has saved us on more than one occasion. This immediate action to a cooler problems has not only notified us, but directly to the refrigeration company to help save us from wasting product and ensuring that the guest recieves safe food.

Any Questions about the installation or general inquires please do not hesitate to contact me at (780) 974-2038 or on my E-mail at

Yours Truly,

Troy Housworth Boston Pizza Franchisee


Benefits of Leasing

  • Keep your bank and other credit lines open
  • Pay as you earn money with the equipment
  • Lease payments are fixed and therefore, inflation-proof
  • The entire lease payment may be tax deductible
  • Upgrade your equipment at any time
  • Select the terms and payment options customized to fit your budget: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Bi-Monthly
  • Ask today about our STEP Programs, which allow your payments to gradually increase, giving you the opportunity to ramp up sales with your new equipment

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